sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Montana "Towtruck"

Grupo/Interprete: Montana
Canción: Towtruck
Disco: Bubblegum love
Estilo: Power pop, indie pop.

Esta mañana cuando he arrancado el coche ha aparecido esta canción que me apetece compartir con todos aquellos que tienen el evidente buen gusto de ver este blog.

Say you
Say me
If he drives you’ll need a tow-truck baby
He’s outta home for the first time maybe

What is her name?
I hear it sounds like a church spire
Is she the same as me?

Talk loud
Say it like you mean it
Cos you and I know it’s never gonna work out
Cos of the girls that you did when we were going out

Shirts smell clean on you
Oh but she’s wearing the pants now
But she can wait for another time

Cabin fever
Peace offering pays me off well
Do you know who I am?
I still love you
But it could never be like that
And I will always be your friend.

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