domingo, 28 de junio de 2009

Augustana "Meet You There"

Augustana es una banda de pop-rock alternativo de Illinois, creada a mediados de esta década y con dos discos editados. Esta canción es de su segundo disco "Can´t love, can´t hurt" (2008).

Climb up on a mountain, just to watch it come down
But sooner or later babe, you're gonna need me around
'Cause you're getting older, there ain't no stopping that
It's a backstabbing world honesty, just lean your head back
The fool in meIt's like a dream, you see
But if the world is right
I'll drive all night
And meet you there someday
Six in the morning, never felt so sweet
Just put on Lucinda baby, and dance with me
I know I'm hard to count on
Forget half what I'm told
You probably only know my voice from
A goddam microphone
It's a waste
A teenage taste of me
But if Daddy criesJ
ust say goodnight
And I'll come
If I could change
I'd keep away the rain
And the sun would shine every night
And I'll come meet you there someday...

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