viernes, 3 de julio de 2009

Billy Pilgrim "Sweete Louisiana sound"

Duo de Knoxville (TN), pioneros de lo que se vino a llamar "hard acoustic" Tienen dos disco de mediados de los 90 y recientemente han publicado algo. Esta canción que adjunto con este post se hizo popular gracias a un spot de ginebra y es de su segundo disco "Bloom" (1995)

Lookin' out from a hotel room
All alone on a Memphis afternoon
I've been waitin' for
This storm to pass
Gonna clear a path and you can kiss my ass, goodbye
I walk the streets where Elvis lived
But they ain't never gonna crown the king
And I never felt that broken hearted
I left before things ever got started
They got me on a riverboat driftin' down
Oh muddy water get me out of town
To that sweet Louisiana sound
Underneath a neon light
Another ghost down Beal street tonight
I ain't out to hurt nobody
But I played my hand I lost all my money
They've got the dogs out after me
They're diggin' in the trash but there's no scent of me
Party boys out on Bourbon streets
Sweepin' them young girls right off of their feet
They got those love tattoos
Across their heart
They've been matching their vows in Mardi Gras
Turn the jukebox loud as it can go
Pack'em inside this our last show
(Chorus x 2)
Driftin' Louisiana sound
Driftin' down sweet Louisiana sound

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