domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Billy Pligrim "Get me out of here"

Grupo: Billy Pligrim
Canción: Get me out of here
Disco: Billy Pilgrim (1994)
Discográfica: Atlantic
Estilo: Folk Contemporaneo, Hard Acoustic

People live below me up above me to the sides
Even if I wanted to I got no place good to hide
Concrete is my color and commerce it's my pride

Get me out of here
No one should live like this
Get me out of here
From the subway's steamy kiss
Take me to the country and dip me in some bliss
Get me out of here'Cause I can't live like this

Alone along the crowded streets among the circus freaks
I saw Jezebel and Claribel and they were begging mister please
You can help me too I said and gave them my T.V.


Cause I can't live like

My hands are twitching brain is frazzled
Carryin on in fits
I can't carry on in this frenzied state I'm in

The last time that I saw you, you were wearing a disguize
And hiding from some lawyers who were buzzing gray haired flies
Dried out bloodshot eyes have you forgotten how to cry


Cause I can't live like
Out of here
Cause I can't live like
Out of here

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