domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Cracker "Get off This"

Grupo/Interprete: Cracker
Canción: Get off this
Disco: Kerosene Hat
Estilo: Pop Rock alternativo.

La banda de David Lowery tras Camper Van Beethoven, comenzó en 1991. Esta canción es de su segundo disco, Kerosene Hat (1993).

All these cats with holey jeans,
Dirty hair and titty rings
Say "what's your scene man? we got these questions...
Is it true that you have sold your soul?"
I say "hey man, i don't know
Lend me a quarter won't you?
I'll call my accountant."

Let's get off this,
And get on with it,
If you wanna change the world
Shut yer mouth and start to spin it
Get off this
Get on with it
If you wanna change the world
Shut your mouth and start this minute

Petty little ayatollah's
Come around to judge and stone ya
All's we're trying to do is make a fortune.
Yeah, we ain't got no government loans,
And no one sends a check from home
But get this: we're just doin' what we wanna.


Well the guitar player's
Stayin' out in hollywood and sayin'
He's just trying' to get some sleep,
But everyone's complaning!
Are you truly deeply cynical?
'cause boy you know that i loved you so
When no one knew your name
And you were pompous. (still are!)


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