lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Jellyfish "Joining a Fan Club"

Grupo: Jellyfish
Canción: Joining a Fan Club
Disco: Split Milk (1993)
Discográfica: Charisma
Estilo: Indie Pop

Banda de San Francisco cuya existencia fue de 1990 a 1994. A primera escucha se ve la influencia de Queen, pero la banda de Andy Sturmer va más allá y lo cierto es que su sonido recuerda a bandas de finales de los 70 y primeros 80, como Cheap Trick, Big Star o XTC. Este post es una recomendación de Alejandro Aguirre.

She turned the nightlight on a blew him a kiss.
He stared back through is green crayola eyes.
She traced his likeness from off the back of a disc.
Next to the boxtop promise of the biggest prize.
Joining a fan club with my friends.
Filling our bathtubs with tee shirts and 8 x 10's.
He looks so dreamy,
I'm in love from afar.
When I'm picking up a fallen star.
Downstairs the late show's blasting 'age of the rock'.
The greedy monks playin' last Sunday at the milky way.
Mom's writing checks to the minister in the corner singing 'dig
down deep'.
'Cause if you wanna go to heaven all you gotta so is pay to pray.

Joining a fan club with my pen.
Filling my bathtub with Holy water and amens.
He looks so dreamy,
I'm in love from afar.
When I'm picking up a fallen star.
Shake that woody.
Shake it for me St. Pinocchio.
You've paid your money, now watch that money grow.
Joining a fan club, best be warned.
He turns me on when he wears that lampshade crown of thorns.
We'd be so dreamy,
Sharing his black caviar.
While I'm picking up a fallen star.
Joining a fan club is a big mistake.
I still get heartburn when I think about all of the stamps I ate.

I wished I'd loved him,
Before fate crashed his car.
Say a prayer for the fallen star.

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