miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Fischer Z "Marliese"

Grupo: Fischer Z

Canción: Marliese
Disco: Red Skies over Paradise (1981)
Discográfica: EMI
Estilo: New Wave

I told them I take photos for this magazine.
They let me in to see you comb your hair.
I watched for signs as I came throught that door.
The anxious eyes that I've been waiting for.
It's no use hoping I'm a dream.

Oh Marliese.
The waiting almost brought me to my knees.
Oh Marliese.
You didn't really think I'd leave you in peace.

It's no use crying out 'cos they can't help you now.
You're forced to hear the words I have to say.
I saw your face when I was taken down.
You seemed so pleased, you're not so happy now.
It's your turn to be afraid.


So where's the smooth composure of the movie star.
You must have played this many times before.
Do I see tears? Well surely that's not true.
Don't kid yourself, it's not worth hurting you.
Bur remember when you try to sleep.


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