miércoles, 25 de noviembre de 2009

The Church "Youth Worshipper"

Grupo: The Church
Canción: Youth Worshipper
Disco: Heyday (1986)
Discográfica: Arista
Estilo: Pop Rock Alternativo/ Neo Psicodelia

Youth worshipper, goddess of ruin
Youth worshipper, like you know what you're doing
I'll bet the sun and rain never touch your face again
Race against the time
Youth worshipper, hope you know what you're worth now
Youth worshipper, like you're paying the earth now
You want the child back, want an aphrodisiac
To fill the crack with time

Hooves and horns and teeth and bones
I'm gonna stitch you up when you come unsewn

Youth worshipper, wrapped in blue fox and ermine
Youth worshipper, got no pity for vermin
Your engines and machines drink your fuel and steal your scenes

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